Tea Seedlings (individual). Grow your own tea!

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Here at Table Rock Tea Company, we've taken years to master the art of growing tea (Camellia sinensis) from seed and from cuttings.  Now, you can benefit from our expertise by simply buying an already established, healthy seedling.  We've done all of the work for you!  Seedlings are 1-2 years old, in 6-inch pots.

We are a certified nursery and we do have plenty of these in stock, however, WE DO NOT SHIP THIS ITEM (that's why it says "out of stock").  Local pickup only at our farm or at farmer's markets.  But, hey, if you come and visit, you get a free tour and you'll learn a lot.  Feeling more adventurous?  Pick up a pack our our Tea Seeds and try growing from scratch.  Order in bulk (20+ plants) for only $10 each and join our Table Rock Tea Consortium - GET PAID for growing tea*

*Consortium Membership is limited to growers within a 1-hour drive from Table Rock Tea Company.