Hillbilly™ (Pouch) - America's Native Tea (100% US Grown Yaupon)


Hillbilly™ is 100% U.S. grown Yaupon - the only caffeinated plant native to North America.  Drank by the native Americans and early settlers of the southeastern U.S., Yaupon is truly "America's Native Tea."  Popular until the 1800's, this unique beverage fell out of vogue as more traditional tea came into the country.  It all but disappeared for nearly 100 years until it was reintroduced to the market in 2012 by good friends of ours.  Table Rock Tea Company® is proud to introduce (um...re-introduce) it to you!  

The wild-harvested leaves used in Hillbilly™ come to us fresh from Florida, then we hand-craft them right here on our farm.  You will not experience a fresher Yaupon than this!  If you are ready for a pioneer tea experience, pick up some Hillbilly™ today!

Each pouch contains 100% pure, U.S. grown Yaupon.  10 individual serving bags per pouch.  This product is GoodFaithGrown!